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All About UMP Modifieds in World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing

All About UMP Modifieds in <em>World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing</em>

If you haven’t had a chance to play them yet, the UMP Modified is the newest racing machine to join World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing! Whether you’ve purchased its DLC by itself or as part of our Season Pass, the UMP Modified brings a whole new racing experience to the game, whether you’re running in Career Mode or racing online.

What is the UMP Modified?

Part open-wheel car up front, part closed fenders in back, the UMP Modified strikes a unique profile unlike any other car in World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing (and arguably in motorsports, period). Equipped with more than 700 horsepower, these cars strike a tantalizing balance of muscle and affordability that allows thousands of racers to participate in events each year. Many of the tracks in World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing play host to real-world UMP Modified events, with last week’s World Short Track Championship from The Dirt Track at Charlotte just one example.

Playable UMP Modified Drivers

2Nick Hoffman
8Kyle Steffen
8Kyle Strickler
8AAustin Holcombe
9Ken Schrader
K9Will Krup
12Lucas Lee
18LMichael Long
21Derek Losh
24Zeke McKenzie
24HMike Harrison
25Tyler Nicely
25WAllen Weisser
28Mike Beasley
36Kenny Wallace
36LJamie Lomax
37LMichael Ledford
44KC Burdette
68Adam Stricker
77Ray Bollinger
81Travis Vanden Top
96MMike McKinney

These drivers are all selectable in Quick Race mode, and will show up as AI opponents throughout your racing experience.

UMP Modified in Career Mode

The good news: as part of your purchase of the UMP Modified DLC, it’ll be added to your World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing Career Mode garage for free. The even better news: it’s raceable at all three levels—Local, Regional, and National!

If you’re a sprint car lifer who hasn’t wanted to touch the Street Stock because you’ve felt like it’s too slow, the UMP Modified should be a little closer to what you’re used to. It’s not quite as slow as the Street Stock, giving a driver a little more speed to work with. And if you’re coming into the UMP Modified after having already run quite a few other seasons, you should be able to pump the upgrades in to get you to the front of the field quickly!

As always, your first UMP Modified season will give you a choice between various season lengths and parameters (including options for all tracks in the game and licensed tracks only). If you’re just bought the game and need a more detailed walkthrough, refer to our series of Career Mode posts—we’ll get you up to speed on how to make the most of your journey.