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Career Mode: Climbing the Ladder

Career Mode: Climbing the Ladder

In World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing Career Mode, there are three levels of championship racing for you to push through: Local, Regional, and National. We’ve already covered your ascent through the Local ranks in the 305 Sprint Car and//or Street Stock—now it’s time to look ahead to the Regional ranks and beyond.

When you make it to the Regional level, you unlock a new set of tracks to compete on, as well as the 360 Sprint Car and Pro Late Model to purchase for $20,000 apiece. You can also hire drivers to compete in events on your behalf if you want to keep one of your cars in action but you’re more focused on a different class.

Compared to the Local level, a full-length Regional season is much longer, and covers much more of the country. With well over 20 races in a full-length season, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to score strong finishes and earn the money you need to keep your cars running at the front of the pack. New additions to the schedule come in all directions, taking you as far south as The Dirt Track at Charlotte, home of the World of Outlaws World Finals every November.

Fell in love with the 305 Sprint Car or Street Stock from your Local experience? They’ve got Regional and National championships, too! Likewise, the 360 Sprint Car and Pro Late Model run at both the Regional and National levels; only the 410 Sprint Car and Super Late Model run at just the National level.

Quick tips:

  • Both the 360 Sprint Car and Pro Late Model will build on the skill sets you learned with the 305 Sprint Car and Street Stock. Things will happen faster, so be prepared to make adjustments—and for things to feel a bit slower if you take a step back!
  • While the 305 Sprint Car and Street Stock you started with kick off with Level 1 parts and have five levels of quality per part, the 360 Sprint Car and Pro Late Model each have only four. This means more significant upgrades per level, and that maxed out starter parts on those two cars will be slightly better than maxed out starter parts on the Local cars.
  • Don’t feel obligated to hang around the Local level once you make the Regional ranks. With a longer schedule and higher payouts, focusing on Regional races is the quickest way to compile the resources you need to build a successful Regional car.
  • Feel like skipping a race? The driver you hire will score points on your behalf in the championship. Much like your equipment, the better the driver you hire, the more expensive they are—but the results and the money you still get to pocket just might be worth it!
  • If you’re planning on taking a lower-level car to a higher-level series, keep in mind that the upgrades you bought for its original level might not cut it at the higher grade. A dominant Local car might be a mid-pack machine at best on the Regional level. Whichever upgrades you felt were most effective at a lower level are probably the same ones that’ll kick you up a notch at a higher one.