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Career Mode: Sponsors

Career Mode: Sponsors

If you want to be a legend in World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing, you’re going to need plenty of help from sponsors. Never fear, though: dozens of brands will notice your driving soon enough, even when you’re starting from the bottom rung of the ladder.

We’ll hit you with the bad news first: when you start out at the Local level, you’ll be running your first couple of races unsponsored. Never fear, though: a Showcase race is soon on the way! Showcase races are your chance to impress a sponsor enough to land them on your car for subsequent races. When you sign a sponsor, it’ll be placed in selected areas on your car by default. Make sure to edit your Paint Job if you want everything to look its best together, though!

Different sponsors pay different amounts for different levels of performance.

In World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing, you can immediately equip your new sponsor as soon as you’ve unlocked them. That means you can change sponsors mid-season if you land a higher-paying deal—and if you keep meeting the minimum performance goals in each Showcase, you’ll be at this crossroads pretty frequently.

Now that you’ve signed your sponsor, it’s time to focus on the racing! Before your first sponsored race, you’ll be given three options for performance bonuses of varying difficulty levels and payouts. These challenges last for a handful of races and will come up frequently in your career. Choose your goals wisely based on the performance of your car—there’s no money in shooting for the stars and falling short on these, you’ll need to nail the goal in every race of the agreement!

You may want to start out with the easiest goal to reach early on to build up your confidence.

After setting your goals, it’s time to head to the track. You’ll have minimum lap times to meet in both practice and qualifying based on the goal you’ve set. Meet them both to earn performance bonuses before you take on the Heats, Qualifying Dash (if you’re lucky), and Mains. You’ll get paid by your sponsor for each race no matter what happens, but you’ll need to reach your contract goal to really maximize what you take home.

This driver won their race and hit their main sponsor goal, but left some money on the table by failing to hit their Practice and Qualifying lap goals. Can’t win ’em all I guess…

Quick tips:

  • There are more than 40 sponsors for you to unlock and sign in Career Mode. Each has different signing bonus and race-by-race payouts, so be sure to consider those values above all else. The more money in your pocket, the quicker you can upgrade your car!
  • Your cars are fully customizable, so add and move around sponsor decals as you please until you get the look you want. This can include anything from tweaking the decal of the sponsor you’ve just signed, to adding a few others in honor of your supporters from past contracts.
  • The lap times you’ll need to meet in practice and qualifying to hit your sponsor goals will always be on screen while you’re on track. They’ll show up nice and big across the screen as you get started and move to the top right after that. You’ll also see a stopwatch icon appear when you’ve reached your goal.
  • There’s no penalty for failing to reach your sponsor goals—you won’t get paid, but it won’t cost you money, either. Sometimes you just might not have the speed or luck in qualifying or the race! However, try not to bail on practice early if you haven’t nailed your best lap yet. Not only are you going into the more crucial parts of the event unprepared to win, you’re also leaving money on the table.
  • If you’re feeling confident in your success rate on Showcase races, especially if you’re running a short season, you may want to focus on signing the sponsors with the biggest signing bonuses and trading up as soon as you can. The extra couple grand here and there could go a long way towards upgrading your car more quickly.