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Career Mode: Parts and Repairs

Career Mode: Parts and Repairs

One of the biggest tweaks to World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing from previous dirt racing games is an all-new Parts and Repairs segment of Career Mode. Understanding how your upgrades and repairs work is crucial to your success in Career Mode, because you won’t reach the winner’s circle without a capable car!

Each of your car’s parts have up to five levels, each with a different Performance and Durability level. Within each level, there are three upgrade options that add to your Performance and Durability stats—you can select them in any order you’d like, but you’ll need to purchase all three upgrades to max out your parts at any given level. As you buy new parts, your previous level parts will become obsolete, meaning they’re no longer usable or upgradable.

Buying Upgrade 3 first is your quickest way to improve a part, but Upgrades 1 and 2 are still sold separately!

The first three levels for each part on the 305 Sprint Car and Street Stock are available at all times, but you’ll need to climb the ladder to get to the good stuff. Level 4 parts are only available at the Regional level, and Level 5 parts can only be accessed when you crack the National level. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t win with those Extra Value parts you start off with… it just means you’ll have to work a little harder to do it.

This driver just put in some repairs on most of their parts, but their engine can go a little further before it needs a tune-up.

Your parts won’t always be at their full Performance level, depending on their level of wear. For example, a part with a Performance score of 10 when fully repaired will wear down to 8, then 7, and then 4 at its most worn. No matter what series you start in, your first car will have parts with a Performance score of 1 to start (out of a maximum 50), so you’ll need to repair them after every single race. It’s crucial to upgrade your parts’ Durability as quickly as possible so you can stay out of the garage—and be sure to equip a Mechanic when available to get a nice discount on those repair bills.

Pay attention to your post-race recap to monitor how quickly your parts are wearing down. The cleaner you drive, the less you’ll need to repair!

Managing your Parts and Repairs strategically is your quickest way to post more competitive results, earn more money, and keep ascending the ranks. After all, it doesn’t matter how quick of a driver you are if your equipment isn’t backing you up!

Quick tips:

  • Parts that you’ve bought can’t be sold back after you’ve upgraded. If you’re at the lower levels and looking to move up, you may not want to keep upgrading after you’ve found a competitive build that works for you—after all, that’s just money you could be spending on the next car!
  • As you move up the ladder, each car starts at a higher level. While the Local cars start at Level 1/5, your cars will start from Level 2/5 when you get to the Regional level, and at the National level, they’ll start from Level 3/5. Regional and National level upgrades are more expensive, but will also allow you to reach the maximum performance score more quickly.
  • The first (and least expensive) upgrade for each part primarily adds Durability. The second upgrade primarily adds Performance, while the last upgrade makes a substantial impact on both. If you’re planning to stay on a particular level and can afford it, you may want to buy the last upgrade first for the quickest boost.
  • If your parts are durable enough to maintain their maximum Performance for multiple races, you can save big on your repair bills. The more expensive your parts are, the bigger those bills can get!
  • If you’re planning on buying a new part, make sure you do it before you perform repairs. There’s no sense in fixing up something you won’t be using anymore!